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Lookbook photographed by Deo Suveera and Pamela Dimitrov for Fall/Winter 2024 collection of the traditional French menswear brand Berluti.  


Work developed: Prep (conceptual drawings for client + Props selection and rental),  + Shooting Assistance

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2024

Creative Director Franck Durand
Art Director Anaïs Mesmacque
Project Director Capucine Fagot
Photography by Deo Suveera and Pamela Dimitrov
Assistant Marc Dimitrov and Josephine Berneau
Styling by Benoit Martinengo
Assistants Pauline Mosconi and Ange Hérault
Set Design by Rafael Medeiros
Assistants Carol Vasques and Hugo Palayer
Groomer Bénédicte Cazau-Beyret
Assistant Rocío Roldán
Manicure Anais Cordevant
Production by White Dot
Models Hiroshi, Hugo Sauzay and Brick Stordiau
Casting by Piotr Chamier 


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