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A place of learning, discoveries, and construction of the first memories: a school is a building that shapes people and builds communities. In a growing neighborhood in the city of São Sebastião, the school is interpreted as equipment that should not only provide excellent learning experiences but also create identity and meaning for this new place. 

The proposal recognizes its terrain and uses the topography to place its uses through the creation of two floors. Daily life happens at the lower level in contact with the courtyards and the eventual life happens at the superior level in contact with the city. A central axis

marks the access and internal circulation routes. The north façade of the building is permeable and connected to the neighborhood housing recreational, cultural and administrative functions.


To the south lies the introspective and playful part of the program with pedagogical functions. Simple lines are used in order to achieve a bold and effective construction. Circulations and covers are made in using a mix of metallic and modular structures. The classrooms are made with modular masonry. Color, transparencies, textures, and materials are used to instigate, generate variation and create a memorable sense of belonging for a developing community.

August | 2018

São Sebastião - Brasil

0E1 Arquitetos + Carol Vasques + Pedro Dal Molin

Carol Vasques

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