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The project is located in the immediate vicinity of the FIERGS Event Center which is known for the great musical events held. The region is characterized by being an area still in transformation and without a consolidated environment. Considering the urban impact caused by the construction of a subway station and bus terminal, the terrain and the project itself were conceived through an urban simulation based on the master plan of the city of Porto Alegre within a period of 30 to 40 years. 

The project was conceived in order to create a new local architectural identity for the area. Music, a characteristic feature of the region and a frequent cultural element in subway stations around the  world, was chosen as the guiding object of the formal and functional aspects of the space. Through multifunctionality, culture, and architecture a station that acts not only as a passage but also serves as an inducer of development and personality is created.

January | 2016

Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

Carol Vasques

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