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The physical route taken within the Saint Victoire mountain by the studio participants has become a multitude of individual, personal routes. It relates to a further, deeper life journey. Between a landscape that is external to us, the mountain, and the internal landscape that is within us, our personal experiences,  a close link is forged. We call this bond between the exterior world and ourselves an intermediate landscape. The intermediate landscape or, l’entre-deux, is the mystery that we wish to explore within this project.

Agnès Varda said that “if we opened up people, we’d find landscapes”. What if we tried to do the opposite? What would appear? The mountain turns out to be an infinite landscape where the interpretations are limitless. If we closed our eyes for a moment, what would we see of her? A line, a stone, a tree, a pebble, a leaf, a color… Elements that concretely are part of the landscape can transform and become completely abstract under the creative power of our memory.

Aren't these fragments, ultimately, the memories that bind us to the mountain? For us, it is a question of going towards a new landscape and of shaping a new geography, a new mountain, from these fragments assembled in a film format. The latter is endowed with a decision-making power that both reveals and conceals events. It is the framing of the images, the choice done with our eyes through the lens of the camera, that becomes the allegory of this decision-making power. What if we unfold the limits of this frame? What landscape would appear?

From a strict filmed representation of the mountain, we are moving towards a more abstract, freer and limitless visual recomposition: recomposing the memory of the mountain and making its renewed interpretations eternal.

February | 2022
Montagne Sainte-Victoire - France

Carol Vasques + Sarah Barakat + Zeineb Ouertani

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