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The ocean has always been a source of memories by being an important witness to the development of human life. On the other hand, the imbalance created by the risks of offshore exploration becomes a modifying agent of our future memories.  An oil spill, an expression coined on the occasion of the sinking of the Torrey Canyon by a journalist from the Télégramme de Brest1, is an industrial and ecological disaster resulting in the flow of an oil slick in the coastal zone.

This slick, which results from the intentional or accidental spilling of a large quantity of crude oil or heavy petroleum products into the sea, is then brought back to the coast by the effect of tides, winds or currents. These events, bearers of extremely traumatic and long consequences for the environment, are also portrayers of an extremely sad and melancholic beauty. We ask ourselves, how would these events look like if the water itself told us her history?

February | 2021
Paris - France

Alice Charrié + Carol Vasques

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