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Architecture is multidisciplinary by nature. It is born through collaboration, exchange and partnership. While drawing is a joint work, the recognition is still selective. In the same drawing different hands coexist, but only a few are seen. MMW is a curatorship which aims to broaden the dissemination of female production in Architecture. Our intention is to highlight the importance and relevance of women in the past, present and future of the profession.

The project is non-profitable and is nurtured by the determination and certainty that we are contributing to the gender equality fight through our contact with other female architects and students. The network created and the exhibition of the works end up generating self-esteem, visibility and the certainty that we have much to learn from our professional colleagues. The content of the page brings the feminist theme subtly and invitingly through a project made by women, but not just for women.

We are architecture and

architecture has no gender.

Profane Easel Project

Authorship becomes an increasingly important currency in the contemporary world where social networks and technology allow a growth in the democratization of visibility and content production. MMW emerges as a platform for the dissemination of female architectural production, encouraging its recognition and appreciation. The emblematic easels designed by Lina Bo Bardi provide a unique experience through the equal exhibition of works and their hidden frame’s back and structure. The Crystal Easel, noble and translucent material, gives visibility to artists and works as valuable as its own name.



The Profane Easel is a reflection constructed from the reinterpretation of Bo Bardi’s easel where the intention of visibility is adapted to the stories of our daily life. Bricks and metallic meshes, everyday materials of the city and its construction, give shape and support to the works of female architects from all over the world. If for many years we were considered scarce and supporting roles in our profession, today we are many and protagonists.Profane Easel is provocative, highlights the invisible, exalts the inaccessible, and encourages the development of a critical movement for the defense of gender equality in Architecture.

October | 2018

Carol Vasques + Débora Boniatti


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