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The art installation "Nascentes", proposed by the artist Verônica Vaz, is the result of the Sound Art Residency ECO organized by Casero Residência. The project has as scenario the interior of the Atlantic forest in a part of the "Serra da Mantiqueira" contained by Itatiaia National Park in Rio de Janeiro. The artist, through her photo-performance, questions the growing loss of contact with nature as well as the sense of being outdoors, as revealed by the art curator, Lucas Vilela Souza, below.

“Since the 1970s, artists have brought about new perspectives on environmental issues. The great urbanization and the threatening loss of contact with nature, as well as the question: where is it outside? A dialectic between hedonism and sustainability that Verônica Vaz

proposes by covering the ground of the exhibition hall of the Nascente installation with grass. Do we want to be in it? Do we want to be outside?”

The scenography, conceived by Carol Vasques, is based on the design of an exhibition wall panel where the mesh formed by the disorderly overlap of different pieces of wood simulates the chaos and variety inherent in nature while interacting with the standard format of advertising panels. Through deconstructing the “outdoor” typology, the weak boundaries between the natural, the artificial, and the growing commercialization of nature - questions asked by the artist in his performance - are reinforced.

October | 2019
Porto Alegre - Brazil

Art Installation - Verônica Vaz 
Scenography - Carol Vasques
Curation Project - Lucas Vilela Souza 
Graphic Design - Laura Klein
Sound Project - Marcelo Armani 

Carol Vasques

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