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The workshop “ Recycler les mémoires bâties ” taught by the researcher and textile designer Anna Saint Pierre had as its main objective to encourage sustainable thinking when it comes to architecture and design through the reuse of waste construction materials. Using as its testing ground the materials provided in-situ from the restoration works on the façades and roofs of the Petites Écuries at ENSAV, the workshop pursued free thinking when it comes to the future of the materials as testimonials of the memory and spirit of the place. The exercise proposed consisted of imagining and reusing the available waste materials in a new form proposed by each one of the students. 

In this context, my work consisted of developing a series of paintings that had as its pigments and support the materials provided by the renovation works. Brick, slate tiles, and plaster were reassembled and transformed into a smaller grain allowing the use of it as a source of color and texture for the painting of the double glass plates once part of the Petites Écuries glass canopy. The original image, roughness, and size of the original materials are transformed into a more delicate and almost abstract form that plays with the idea of value. It’s only through a closer look that our eyes are capable of distinguishing the origins of the paintings and the initial lack of value that its materials portrayed. Trash and waste are a matter of point of view. 

July | 2022
Biennale d'architecture et de paysage d'Ile-de-France, ENSA Versailles - France

Workshop Recycler les mémoires bâties
Professor - Anna Saint Pierre 

Construction waste paintings - Carol Vasques

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