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A house is, above all else, a shelter. A shelter for the life cycles of the residents, for the cycles of expansion and introversion, for the cycles of days and nights and for the seasons of the year. In nature, when we look for what best represents the refuge we seek in our residences, we find the female uterus. From the Greek Metra, from the Indo-European Mater, mother, source and origin of life. Women are ancient sources of inspiration in the arts and architecture. We are muses, sinuosity, form, objects of desire.


Although appealing and widely reproduced, this image is the result of a superficial analysis of the feminine and the meaning of being a woman. As we look beyond our bodies, we realize that to be a woman is to feel, to understand, to shelter, to create.  Natural feminine characteristics, which are indispensable to the architect in practice.
With this we ask ourselves: what is a feminine architecture?

June | 2017

Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

Carol Vasques + Camila Alberti

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