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The project is located in two sites located at the corners of Celeste Gobato and Dolores Alcaraz Caldas streets and it is the headquarters of ADVB (Association of Marketing and Sales Directors of Brazil).It is created a building which stands out in the surroundings, but at the same time does not escape the residential scale of the neighborhood acting as a transition between the residential and business area.

The dialogue established between the base and the bar allows the building to communicate with different scales of use (human and corporate). Setbacks and open areas enable good lighting of the project as well as of its surroundings, in which the use of solar protection allows the control of radiation and helps to maintain the internal temperature of the building. The structure used guarantees the maximum flexibility and visual permeability for the spaces projected through open-plan pavements.

August | 2016

Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

Carol Vasques + Lucas Skrsypcsak

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