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The project was elaborated at the International Workshop on Architecture and Urbanism promoted by the Universidad Nacional de  Rosario. The project area consists of the so-called Saladillo Island located at the source of the Saladillo stream. The sector has high cultural value. Currently, the area is one of low population density with a strong presence of social organizations, cultural associations and neighborhood associations in constant activity to rescue the cultural values ​​of the neighborhood.

The site is isolated and deteriorated in reason of the lack of infrastructure, good economic and labor conditions due to the closing of the SWIFT abattoir. The proposal focuses on the physical and social recovery of the area through local and urban scale interventions. It is proposed improvements to the metropolitan (train) and local (pedestrian bridges) connections, a new cultural center occupying the old SWIFT, a new housing sector foreseeing floods, a public market and a linear park along the stream.

March | 2014

Rosario - Argentina

Carol Vasques (BRA) | Martin Ortiz (ARG) | Ana Babaya (ARG) 

Yamila Brosilo (ARG) | Nicolas Anselmo (ARG) | Fabricio Silva (ARG) 

Agustin Stella (ARG) | Valentino Marchessi (ARG) | Andres Levrino (ARG)

Paula Molinengo (ARG) | Agustina Montesanto (ARG) | Chije Kang Park (ESP) Enrica Giaccaglia (ITA)

Carol Vasques

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