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The students of the L'entour seminar worked with curator Yannick Langlois on the staging of the exhibition "Une Moraine d'objets" bringing together the works of three post-graduate artists and a selection of "Têtes d'expression" from collections.

The "Têtes d'expression" competition represented an exercise within the Beaux-Arts de Paris where artistic technique reflected the artists' ability to convey emotion. Jealousy, pride, anger etc. were thus offered to aspiring artists as a means of transcending the contingencies of matter, where a leaning eyebrow or a pensive gaze could breathe life into the inert block of clay or the colors spread out on the canvas.

The works presented testify to an absence, that of the mood they are supposed to summon. From the collections of the School, they are a gallery amputated of dissociated figures. These portraits, these faces that take shape in subtraction ultimately address our ability to occupy the voids, to recompose the whole body by the sum of its fragments.

This project proposes a reflection around the persistence of things, images of surfaces and optical illusions. Whether they focus on working from military technologies, traditional painting techniques or around the phenomenological materiality of sculpture, the artists presented put physical reality and hypothetical projections in tension.

Original text: Seminaire L'entour ENSAPM (

April - May | 2021
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris - France

Curator: Yannick Langlois, doctoral student, SACRe laboratory

Scenography team: Ana Marta Lins and Carol Vasques, students of the L'entour seminar ENSAPM under the orientation of Yannick Langlois.

Artists: Jean-Charles Bureau, Florentine Charon and Victoire Thierrée, artists in residence at the Beaux-Arts de Paris

Photos: Nicolas Brasseur


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